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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy set forth herein aims at informing all users of the Portugal by Wine platform of the general rules regarding the confidentiality and the processing of the personal data we collect. These procedures are carried out in strict compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016).
The rules described in this Privacy Policy apply to all the services made available online, by email or by telephone.
Portugal by Wine may amend the terms of the Privacy Policy, so you should visit this page regularly, in order to be aware of the latest version.
Please read this document carefully, as by using the platform, you acknowledge to agree to the terms described herein, and you also authorize the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data, in accordance with the rules laid down in this document.


1. Personal Data Collection

The content on the platform may be accessed without having to provide any personal information. However, to make reservations, rankings, request tailor-made activities, comments or to exchange messages directly with partners, you will need to create a user account and submit some personal information.

User Registration
User registration enables you to access the booking process and rank the purchased services. You will be asked to complete an online form with your personal data, including your name, taxpayer number, country, address, telephone, email, username, password, etc. After completing the form, you will be emailed a confirmation link that will allow you to validate your registration. By registering, you can also subscribe our Newsletter.


Reservation Process

When making a reservation on the platform, you will be asked to complete a form with your personal data, including your name, taxpayer number, address, telephone, email, country and, for some payment methods, the information of your credit/debit card (type of credit card, number, CVC code, expiration date, and cardholder name), or the email associated with your PayPal account, as well as, if available, your reservation preferences and special requests. It should be noted that the payment data of the reservations paid by credit card are processed by PayPal or Stripe and are only stored with the client's consent. This information is required to process, complete and validate your reservation (this includes sending you a confirmation email for your reservation). For refunding purposes, additional information such as bank identification number may be requested, whenever the customers do not provide their payment information.


Newsletter Subscription
To subscribe to our Newsletter you will be asked to fill in the e-mail field with your email address. You will receive news, special offers or other information related to the topic Enotourism in Portugal.
If you wish to cancel the subscription of the Newsletter, you can do so at any time, through a link available in the Newsletter.


Direct Messages
To request information directly to the service providers, you must register on the platform, by creating a user account, where you will have to enter the personal data mentioned above. You can then fill out a free message form with no character limit and send it to any partner in the platform.


To make a request for a personalized experience, you will have to be registered on the platform by creating a user account, where you will have to provide the personal data identified above. After this registration, you can submit a form with the details of the type of experience you want. Portugal by Wine will reply to your request to the email address that appears in your user registration.


Live Chat
The messages exchanged with Portugal by Wine via Live Chat are automatically encrypted by the system, and the SSL certificate is the responsibility of the supplier of the Live Chat service. However, they may be stored, for a limited period of time, on the servers of the company that provides the Live Chat functionality.
By using these services on the platform, you acknowledge and agree to the transfer of your personal data to the partners, providers of the services you have booked.
Portugal by Wine will only use your data to perform the selected services for which they were provided, not being made available to other entities or used to send unrelated information.


2. Automatically Collected Data

While using the platform, some browsing information is automatically collected, such as your IP address, the browser, the operating system you use on your computer or mobile device, your location, the pages you visit, the length of time you spent on them, the way you entered the site (search, social networks, ads), or the selected languages.
Based on this type of information, you may receive related offers on the platform, in social networks, or via e-mail.


3. Personal Data Protection

In order to protect and safeguard your personal data, Portugal by Wine uses procedures and security systems that comply with the applicable legal rules set out by the Personal Data Protection Act. Your data is processed, encrypted and sent to partners through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
Our servers are protected against unauthorized access by a "firewall" system and security systems that prevent their misuse.
Your credit card information is never stored on our servers. All the service providers on the Portugal by Wine platform commit to comply with the adequate security procedures regarding the protection of your confidential information, in accordance with the norms set out by the Personal Data Protection Act.


4. Cookies

Cookies are short text files stored in your computer through the browser, which contain information related to your preferences or behaviors, such as the pages you have visited, searches, clicks, date/time, not including your personal data.
Cookies improve your experience as a user of the platform; nevertheless, you can disable some or all of the cookies in your browser at any time, if such is your intention. However, please be aware that blocking cookies might disable important features and cause the Portugal by Wine platform not to work properly.


5. Control over your data

At all times you have the right to review, change, or remove your personal data added to the Portugal by Wine database. You can request such information or any other clarification about our Privacy Policy through the e-mail: The storage period for your data will be five years after your last access to the user account.

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