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  • Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon
  • Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon
  • Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon
  • Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon
  • Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon
  • Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon
  • Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon
  • Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon

Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon

Lisboa 2 - 3 people 8 days
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About the Activity
In this 8-day tour we invite you to discover Portugal through wine. The tour will follow the following itinerary:

Private Tour - in a Mercedes-Benz car

Day 1
Lisbon presents itself as an illuminated city, where the Tejo river and the sun, almost always present, make the capital of Portugal a mirror of colour in which the beauty and the architectural contrasts do not go unnoticed.
We will taste the rich gastronomy with the flavour of the Portuguese wine and the sound of the Lusitanian fado...probably the most fascinating, passionate and satisfying of all European cities.
In this tour, you will have the unique opportunity to go back in time to the history of the discoveries, with special emphasis on the famous quarters of Graça, Castelo, Baixa, Alfama, Bairro Alto, Chiado, Mouraria and Belém, where we will find the famous Torre de Belém that dates back more than 500 years, Jerónimos Monastery where Luís Vaz de Camões and Vasco da Gama are buried, Padrão dos Descobrimentos that marks the departure point of the Portuguese caravels to conquer the world.
In the late afternoon, enjoy a majestic view of the Tejo river with a wine tasting accompanied by regional cheeses and sausages.
Accommodation in Lisbon.

Day 2
In the morning, we leave Lisbon towards Sintra, once appreciated by the Portuguese and European bourgeoisie, has a rich collection of palaces with special emphasis on the National Palace of Pena where we can see a mix of architectural styles, considered by many the most beautiful Palace in Europe, perhaps even in the world.
Highlight to the famous "Piriquita" confectionery, where the regional delicacies are made, where the first references go back to the 13th century, reign of D. Sancho II, once a form of payment.
After lunch, we will make a visit to the Adega Regional de Colares, installed in a beautiful building in the centre of the village, we will make a wine tasting accompanied by Queijo da Serra (typical cheese) and regional sweets from Sintra.
We then go to Cabo de Roca, with unique beauty. Luís Vaz de Camões made reference to this place in "Lusíadas", describing this place as "where the land ends and the sea begins" because it marks the most western point of the European continent, a place of unparalleled beauty where in addition to the huge ravines, we will find an enormous lighthouse used by the Portuguese police.
Considered by many, the Portuguese Riviera, the walkthrough Cascais and Estoril, is full of glamour and charisma, highlighting the splendid white sand beach, the famous fisherman's beach where we can see a beautiful sunset from the other side of the Tejo river, while the fishermen boil their nets under the gaze of their colourful boats that overlook the new and luxurious Cascais Marina full of luxury yachts. 
Before the arrival to Lisbon, it is obligatory to see the rich gardens of the oldest and biggest Casino of Europe, in Estoril.
Accommodation in Lisbon.

Day 3
In the morning, we leave Lisbon towards Évora, in the Alentejo region. One of the main attractions of Évora is the Chapel of Bones, where hundreds of human bones are exposed on the walls and ceiling that will surely be engraved in your memory. The abundance of monuments of the city has led to its classification as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Highlights include the famous Évora Cathedral, Giraldo Square and the Roman Temple.
Just 2 km from the historical center of Évora, we will visit the Quinta de Valbom and the Cartuxa's Monastery. Acquired in the 19th century by the Eugénio de Almeida family, the Adega da Cartuxa has undergone several renovations and extensions over time, preserving the richness of its architectural and historical memory. The Cartuxa brand is one of the main assets of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation and the current "umbrella" brand of the Cartuxa winery and the Cartuxa wine press. The insignia represents the identity of wines: Vinea, EA, Foral de Évora, Cartuxa, Scala Coeli and the mythical Pêra-Manca, as well as olive oils: Álamos, EA and Cartuxa.
Afterward, we will visit the Herdade do Esporão, where you can see several hectares of vineyards planted. 
We will visit the village of Monsaraz which is a balcony of the great Alqueva lake.
We continue towards Lisbon to the Vasco da Gama Bridge, with its more than 17 kms of the extension, where you will be able to dazzle Lisbon in a unique way.
Accommodation in Lisbon.

Day 4
Crossing the 25 de Abril bridge, we will reach a stunning view over the city of Lisbon and the Tejo river. With open arms towards Lisbon, we find the majestic statue of Cristo Rei.
The region of Azeitão and Setúbal is linked to wine culture for many centuries, consisting of a true passion. This region produces the richest table wines and muscatels in Portugal, making an important contribution to the image and prestige of Portuguese wines. 
In this tour, we will be able to visit two of the best wine estates in the region of Setúbal, named José Maria da Fonseca, which stands out as the oldest Portuguese company producing table wines and muscatel, founded in 1834 by its founder who gives name to the Quinta José Maria da Fonseca, having assumed a decisive role in the national wine sector. With almost 650 hectares of vineyards throughout the region, this is a winery equipped with the latest technology that rivals the best in the world, resulting in wines that combine the experience accumulated throughout its history with the most advanced winemaking techniques.
We will visit Quinta da Bacalhôa, where we will discover a privileged landscape with a historical background that began with the founders of the Avis Dynasty. The architecture, decoration, and gardens of the palace have been influenced over the centuries by the different owners, inspired by their travels through Europe, Africa, and the East, thus contributing to make it a unique jewel. Over the years the estate has been embellished with Portuguese tiles from the 15th and 16th century, evoking Moorish designs and with a lake house.
Accommodation in Lisbon.

Day 5
In the morning, we leave the sunny city of Lisbon to explore the charming medieval village of Óbidos, surrounded by the imposing walls of the 14th century. We will walk through its walls and landscapes of small alleyways and churches, at the end time to savour the famous "Ginjinha of Óbidos".
We continue to the Quinta dos Loridos where the mild climate tempered by the proximity of the sea, the fertility and the nature of the lands, allow the production of wines with well-defined personalities. The sparkling wines produced have a quality that has reached the most honourable mentions at home and abroad. In addition to the traditional varieties, the wine estate also produces Pinot Noir, Merlot, Aragonez, Arinto, Chardonnay and Alvarinho. 
The wine estate has an area of 35 hectares, artificial lake, and plans for 6 thousand tons of statues that enchant. In addition to giant Buddhas, you can see 700 hand-painted terracotta soldiers, each of them unique, some being buried, just as they were 2,200 years ago, a space of calm and peace of mind.
In Nazaré we will take a walk in the narrow streets, where there will be time to talk, photograph the "woman of the seven skirts", eat fresh fish and climb the viewpoints of Pederneira and Sítio, then go down to the beach by the centenary lift. 
The last visit of the day will be in Fátima and in its sanctuary, which is one of the greatest centres of pilgrimage to the virgin mary of the catholic world. The famous sanctuary of Fatima attracts about 6 million pilgrims who visit the Basilica of Our Lady every year, the Chapel of the Apparitions and the house of the Three Little Shepherds in Cova da Iria. 
Accommodation in Fátima or, alternatively, in Leiria (removing Fátima from the itinerary).

Day 6
In the morning, we leave the city of Fátima towards Coimbra, with emphasis on its famous University, considered to be the first University in the country and one of the oldest in the world, the first record of which dates back to 1290. In our visit to the University, we will visit the Paço das Escolas, the very rich Joanina Library, the Capelos Room, the Exam Room and the Weapons Room located next to the tower where we find the best "balcony" on the Mondego river.
Coimbra is a complete city because it combines the old and the modern, youth and culture, religion and sport. Always lively and active because the almost 30,000 students, who live there, do not let slow the pace of those who tend to fall asleep in the shadows of the famous churches.
We continue to the wine region of Bairrada, which continues to be an important producer of red and white wines, occupying an area that extends from the slopes of the Caramulo and Buçaco mountains to the coastal plains. This area of Portugal benefits from a very favorable climate for the cultivation of the vine. The vineyards are cultivated in small flat terrain, with two main types of soils, clay, muddy or sandy. These are the soils that define the taste of the grapes associated with the fresh climate of the region. Bairrada is also famous for its sparkling wines produced from grape varieties as Maria Gomes, Arinto or Bical.
Like other Portuguese wine regions, Bairrada uses international and national grape varieties, highlighting among them the Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Merlot.
The wine region of Dão with Viseu in the centre, produces some of the best Portuguese wines. Climatic conditions, soil characteristics, and the choice of grape varieties influenced by the previous factors, especially the Touriga Nacional, typical of this area, give Dão wines its inimitable ruby colouration, its delicate aroma and its velvety taste. The wines of the Dão are still characterized by their rare ability to age in a noble and harmonious way.
The climate in Dão suffers, simultaneously, the influence of the Atlantic and the Interior, so the winters are cold and rainy while the summers are hot and dry.
Accommodation in Viseu.

Day 7
We leave the city of Viseu towards Lamego, which is one of the most important urban centres of the Douro region. The religious architecture has a singular expression, the Church of S. Pedro de Balsemão, classified National Monument, is the second-oldest temple of the Iberian Peninsula. The Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and the staircase built in the 18th century, on the summit of Monte de Santo Estevão, in honor of Senhora dos Remédios, are the ex-libris of Lamego.
We set off towards the Douro Valley, a unique place where the combination of climate, river, grapes and human effort originated the first Demarcated Wine Region in the World for the production of Port Wine. A picturesque place, with green landscapes and exuberant nature, the Douro invites all its visitors to a temporary abstraction of reality.
In Pinhão, the culture of Port wine dominates, also stands out for the fabulous train station with its 24 panels of typical Portuguese tiles painted with images of the Douro Valley.
We continue our tour towards Peso da Régua but first we will visit Caldas de Moledo, where we will dazzle with the viewpoints on the Douro river. In Peso da Régua, we will get to know its origins and all the history behind the wine production. 
In 1998, it was classified as International City of the Vine and Wine. Its natural landscapes are absolutely unique and have been classified, by UNESCO, as a World Heritage Site.
Before arriving in Porto we will visit the city of Amarante, which is characterized by its relationship with the mountains and the river and, seduces us with its banks surrounded by trees. Rich in historical and cultural heritage, crossed by the Tâmega river and surrounded by mountains, this beautiful city proudly displays its 17th century houses, whose colourful wooden balconies adorn the narrow streets.
Accommodation in Porto.

Day 8
The city of Porto is the 2nd largest Portuguese city, considered the best European destination in 2014.
Porto, better known as the Invicta city, is full of life, activities and historical monuments worthy of a visit: Clérigos Tower, Stock Exchange Palace, Porto Cathedral or the Lelo Bookstore.
The old downtown is very well-preserved because in recent years it has undergone several improvements that impress all those who pass there. The narrow alleys hide small taverns where the typical Northern cuisine stands out with a clear highlight to "Francesinha", the most famous dish in the region.
Those who visit Porto, visit the famous Port wine cellars on the other side of the Douro river. On our tour, we will have the opportunity to visit the cellars and taste Port wine and embark on a boat trip along the Douro river, where you will pass the famous 6 bridges that connect Porto to the city of Gaia.
The Dom Luís I Bridge stands out for its unique architecture, completed its construction in 1888 with 2 trays where vehicles, people and train share almost the same lane.
End of the tour.
Accommodation in Porto or return to Lisbon.

  • Private tour in a Mercedes-Benz;
  • City tour in Lisbon;
  • Visit and tour in Sintra;
  • Visit to Adega Regional de Colares with wine tasting and regional snacks;
  • Stroll through Cascais and Estoril;
  • Visit to Adega da Cartuxa and the Herdade do Esporão;
  • Visit to Reguengos and Vila de Monsaraz;
  • Visit to Quinta José Maria da Fonseca and Quinta da Bacalhôa in Azeitão and Setúbal;
  • Tour through Nazaré, Óbidos, and Fátima, with a stop at Quinta dos Loridos;
  • Visit to the city of Coimbra and the wine region of Bairrada;
  • Visit to a winery in the Bairrada Region;
  • Visit to the city of Viseu and the Dão Wine Region;
  • Tour through the Douro with a visit to Peso da Régua and Pinhão;
  • Visit a winery in the Douro region;
  • Visit the city of Amarante in the Vinho Verde region;
  • City tour in Porto with a visit to the Port wine cellars.
Region Alentejo, Douro, Lisbon, Península de Setúbal, Vinhos Verdes
Duration 8 days
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish
Starting time 09:00 hours.
Group discounts Minimum of 3 people, 30% discount
Minimum of 4 people, 46% discount
Minimum of 5 people, 54% discount
Minimum of 6 people, 60% discount
Minimum of 7 people, 64% discount
Nº of people Minimum: 2 | Maximum: 3
Meeting point Hotels in Lisbon centre (your Hotel)
General Rating (1 General Rating)
This activity includes
Regional products shop
Hotel pick-up & drop off
Private vehicle
Local guide
Passenger insurance
Client support 24/7
Guided tour
Wine tasting
Air conditioning
Art & culture
Wine cellars
Private visit
This activity does not include
Entrance tickets not mentioned
Personal expenses
Gratuities (optional)
The itinerary does not include accommodation, meals or entrance to monuments/museums.

Accommodation Locations:
Night 1 – Lisbon 
Night 2 – Lisbon
Night 3 – Lisbon 
Night 4 – Lisbon 
Night 5 – Fátima/Leiria
Night 6 – Viseu 
Night 7 – Porto 
Night 8 – Porto/Lisbon

  • Tour adapted to your pace;
  • Private transfer's airport/hotel/airport;
  • Personalized driver accompaniment;
  • Premium vehicle;
  • Customer service 24h/7;
  • Time and visit to all the places announced on the tour;
  • Excellent shopping directions and traditional restaurants;
  • Traditional sweets;
  • Bottled water on board;
  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Mandatory fees.
Cancellation policy
Once a booking has been made, the following cancellation charges will apply in case of reservation cancellation:
• Up to 8 days before service, we fully refund the amount paid.
• Up to 5 days before service, the amount paid is not refundable.
• Up to 48 hours before service, a penalty of 50% of the total amount will be charged.
• For less than 48 hours prior to service, a penalty of 100% of the total amount will be charged.
• Failure to appear on the service day will be deemed no-show* and the total value of the booked service will be charged to the customer.
* no-show: withdrawal without cancellation. When the customer does not attend, the service booked on the date agreed with reservation.
Visits to wineries and wine tasting upon availability at the time of booking.
Please indicate, at the checkout, where you are staying for the pick-up. Also inform a contact phone number.
Organized by: Best Time Tour
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Wine Private Tour - 8 Days - from Lisbon
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  • Molly
    “Perfect trip” The trip really was unforgettable, wonderful places and impeccable service especially our driver. I only have compliments to make from Lisbon to Porto... I recommend, it was very worth it. Molly, 06 mar 2020
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