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Quinta de Sant'Ana

Just 30 minutes north of Lisbon, lies the enchanting Quinta de Sant’Ana, an historic family run wine estate.

We are dedicated to three activities: producing authentic and characterful wines, hosting guests in four charming holiday houses and organising tailor-made events for an international clientele. Above all, the Quinta de Sant’Ana is our family home.

Quinta de Sant’Ana is a special place, full of life. We do not rest until the vineyard is looked after, our guests are happy, and the children are tucked into bed.

We consider ourselves lucky to live and work in a stunningly beautiful setting that allows us to raise our seven sons, in this fascinating corner of the world.

Once upon a time, there was an old, romantic estate ... which had been lived in by different owners from the most varied backgrounds over the years. They had just one thing in common – a fascination for this place, with its romantic nooks and crannies, secret gardens, trees that tell stories, valleys and streams winding through meadows, vineyards, fruit orchards and woods stretching all the way to the royal palace and the hunting estate, the Tapada Real de Mafra…

Once upon a time, there was an old, romantic estate ... which king Dom Luís (1838 - 1889), passionate about music, gave to the beautiful actress Rosa Damasceno, with whom he had fallen in love. He had a theatre built in the estate, especially for her…

Once upon a time, there was an old, romantic estate ... which many, many years later, (1969), came into the possession of Baron Gustav von Fürstenberg. He and his wife Paula lived in bliss, raising their seven children in this small paradise, until the 1974 revolution changed their destiny, and they returned to Germany.

Miraculously, the estate was saved by a loyal family friend, Joaquim Val Morais, and again years later (in 1992) it became home for James, who had married one of the Barons' daughters, Ann. Today, they focus on producing boutique wines that reflect the estate’s interesting terroir, on providing quality events, and on welcoming holiday guests – all the while raising seven sons of their own.
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