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Sendim, municipality of Tabuaço, appears in the first demarcation of this region, is a very old town, which is located next to the river Távora consisting of many smallholder farms and vineyards. Its inhabitants kept alive traditions, works and techniques, related to the cultivation of the vineyard and the production of several wines, standing out the jeropiga product of excellence, in the feasts of Santa Luzia in december. But also generous wines, red, white and currently sparkling wines.

Wineries, larger or smaller, have always been peculiar spaces in the dwellings. They always functioned in the “shop of the house,” many of them on dirt, sidewalk or granite stone slab. Many were disappearing with the depopulation of the interior region of Portugal. Some have survived and still maintain some activity, revealing to us secular methods and processes.

The Agnus winery intends to maintain this immaterial memory of activities and traditional knowledge. Its space, transmits us all this tradition, right from the maintenance of the building system and architecture of the house. The maintenance of the stone press in operation as well as the maintenance of materials and machinery that exist in the house. This experience takes us to a experience, and allows us to taste totally genuine wines and products. The winery is an integrated space in the old Sendim mill house, where you can see what is left of this industry and which had great economic importance in this place.

We invite you to know this traditional activity, made by people of the region, where you will discover a deep, ancient and genuine Douro.
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