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Quinta de Alcube

Quinta de Alcube is a family property located in the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park which, due to its landscape and geographical surroundings, provides a set of experiences and good memories for those who visit... or stay here in one of the three fully equipped rustic houses.

From the 15th century to the 21st century, through time and history, the Alcube Manor House tells the story of the farm and the Alcube valley, having witnessed its transformation until today.

The originality of the Serra da Arrábida landscape is due not only to its natural characteristics, but also to the remote humanisation of these spaces, which generally developed in harmony with the natural environment.

The hills that compose the Serra da Arrábida chain, includes elevations such as the S. Luís, Gaiteiros, S. Francisco and Louro Mountains, reaching its highest expression with the Arrábida Mountain, of limestone constitution, where contact with the sea can be seen.

In the Alcube Valley there is an old manor house, the Solar do Morgado de Alcube, a long and low house, with irregular shapes, founded in the 15th century by Álvaro de Sousa and his wife D. Francisca de Távora.

There is also, next to the manor house, the chapel dedicated to St. Macarius, which in 1840, was already profaned, serving as a barn and in the last century as the house of the 'Feitor'. The Chapel was the baptism place of the children of Sousa e Melo, a 17th century owner, having received the sacrament from D. Lourenço Pires de Távora, D. Cristovão de Almeida and the Prior-Mor of Santiago.
The Chapel was dedicated to Saint Macarius and the primitive image of the Saint still exists.
Today it is an archaeological museum of Neolithic finds and a space available for events.

The Vine and Wine Museum is housed in a genuine Roman press and displays ancient artifacts related to vineyards and wine production.

Dating back to 1750, it was built to house the Cruz de Vendas (Sales Cross), a beautiful gothic cross classified as a National Monument, with a flowery cross bearing the crucified Christ on one side and a Pietà on the other.
It is the current symbol of Quinta de Alcube, represented in the logo and labels of our wines.
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