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Soito Wines

Soito Wines is a family company dedicated to the production and marketing of wines of excellence. It was created in 2013 by a couple of teachers - José Carlos and Sandra Soares - two lovers of Dão wine who, one-day, decided to start an adventure of producing unique wines, with character and that best mirrored their passion for wine. The project started at Quinta do Soito where they live with their family.

Although recent, Soito Wines is well known in the Portuguese wine market and has been winning important national and international awards, making it one of the most iconic producers in its region, Dão.

Soito Wines aims to be a company recognized for its quality in the wine sector and also in wine tourism in the Dão Demarcated Region.

The company's mission is centered on sustained growth in its production and commercialization of wines and in boosting wine tourism; its vision is to assume a consolidated position in the national and international wine market and in the Portuguese tourism market.

As essential values, the company defends quality, recognition, seriousness, customer satisfaction, respect for people and social and environmental responsibility.
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