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Convento do Paraíso

History and legend are in its name, which may have several origins, including the fact that the advanced troops were established there during the Christian reconquest - "mate-mor" - or that there was a forest here that belonged to the Moors.

As can be seen in old documents, the name of this place was written "Matta de Mouros". In the 12th century, after the conquest of Silves, the Convent of Nossa Senhora do Paraíso was built here, which lasted until the 19th century, and of which the main structure is still preserved today.

Quinta de Mata Mouros brings to the imagination over a thousand years of enchanting legends and well-documented stories. An oasis of fresh water springs, fertile land and lush vegetation, in a naturally dry area, situated on the left bank of the Arade river, in the south of Portugal, near the mythical Xelb - one of the most opulent cities of Al-Andalus - today Silves.

It was about 10 years ago that the owners of Quinta de Mata Mouros took up the challenge of producing a high quality wine, equal to the best references of Portugal's main wine regions.

A wine that would make the best of the unique and extraordinary conditions of the estate's terroir and the region's climate, maintaining the traditional winemaking processes, such as the foot treading mill and the press, but combining them with the most modern technology.
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