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Herdade da Mingorra

On the hot plains of the Baixo Alentejo, just a few kilometres from the city of Beja, is one of the oldest wine estates in the region. Its vineyards represent decades of history that Henrique Uva has preserved and farmed for many years, and which he always wanted to develop as an independent producer.

In 2004, he achieved his dream, with the project that goes by the name of Henrique Uva/Herdade da Mingorra. The Winery is surrounded by 1,400 hectares of a landscape that can be considered exuberant, such is the diversity of plants and fauna, with several river basins forming a veritable oasis. The Winery is a true place of worship. A place where modernity and functionality can be found alongside indelible traditional techniques.

The result could only be wines of consistently high quality, some even innovative and with an excellent quality/price ratio, the work of a dynamic, enterprising and creative team, led by the winemaker Pedro Hipólito. The excellence of the wine-growing conditions, as well as the structural and human conditions of the project, have been the secrets of its success.

Henrique Uva’s project, on Herdade da Mingorra, aims to captivate all visitors with its history, its beauty, the outstanding quality of its wines and the diversity of their flavours. This project combines wine-growing tradition with the grandeur of the estate, the beauty of its vineyards and the adjacent landscape. By discovering new flavours, you will discover new landscapes, cultures, and traditions on Herdade da Mingorra itself. Here, we welcome visitors interested in getting to know vineyards and wineries and tasting our wines. An overnight stay on our estate is an excellent way to find out more about our whole project, how we take care of our vineyards, our grape harvest, and even the bottling process.

We also present our modern production methods, tailored to our vines, although based on ancient farming traditions.

At Herdade da Mingorra, you will also be able to enjoy our wine dinners, which will present the best food pairings for our wines. Through wine tourism, Herdade da Mingorra offers visitors the certainty of a unique, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

We share the best of our region with our guests!
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