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Herdade das Servas

Based in Estremoz, in the heart of Alentejo, we grew up in a family of producers with a strong and heartfelt relationship with wine, land, countryside and rural property.

From an early age we have observed their practices and have listened with pride and attention to the lessons that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents taught us. At that time, we learn about the wine production, and we realized that nothing comes easily without work and sacrifice.

We drank the necessary inspiration in the family tradition, but we didn’t stop applying our own strategy when we conceived the Project of Herdade das Servas, which was to be born in 1998.

We want to find out our past, so we have never ceased to seek information about our origins, those that preceded us, and its connection with wine.
We find a "Talha" dated 1667, a fact that always aroused our attention and sharpened our curiosity even more. Would that symbol represent the familiar winemaking origin? Then we set off in search of answers, the impossibility of doing personally, we require an external study.

This investigation, still in progress, has exceeded our initial expectations. More than a hundred historical sources guarantee the production of wine in the family, at least until the 13th generation (about 350 years).

At this moment, we are to deepen understanding of the practices and methods used throughout the ages and to study their evolution. After all, our ascendants have always strived to improve, generation after generation, the quality of the final product, which is nothing less than what we aspire to ourselves.

So, without ever forgetting our past, we have, whenever possible, introduced our ideas and our personal stamp. We believe that this will be the mark of our time and the legacy we will leave to future generations.

This perception of reality leads us to believe that in addition to all the work, dedication and commitment, the secret of achievement still will by getting an almost perfect symbiosis of inherited learning (past) and introduced innovations (present).

Today, besides being a reference producer of the Alentejo, we open our doors so that you can know all the stages of our wine production, taste it and delight yourself with the regional delicacies of the Herdade das Servas restaurant.
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