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José Maria da Fonseca

A family business with almost two centuries of history, and one that has known how to stay up-to-date without ever sitting back on its laurels. José Maria da Fonseca has been making wines since 1834, resulting from the shared passion of a family that has known how to preserve and project the memory and the prestige of its founder. Well aware of the responsibility of being the oldest producer of table wine and Setúbal Moscatel in Portugal, José Maria da Fonseca follows a philosophy of permanent development, constantly investing in research and production, combining the latest techniques with traditional know-how. An example of this is the José de Sousa Rosado Fernandes Winery, at Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alentejo, where the Roman tradition of clay pot fermentation is maintained alongside the latest technology.

Continuing to invest in benchmark products at an international level, always produced to the highest standard, José Maria da Fonseca has contributed decisively to the promotion and prestige of national wines. The nearly 650 hectares of vineyards and a winery equipped with the latest technology, which competes with the best in the world, produces wines that combine the experience gathered throughout its history with the most advanced winemaking techniques.

In addition to all these resources, what most characterizes the work at José Maria da Fonseca is a great passion for the art of winemaking. It is this passion capable of generating emotions that José Maria da Fonseca shares with consumers every time they try one of the company’s wines.

Built-in the nineteenth century, the house was restored in 1923 by the Swiss architect, Ernesto Korrodi, and was the Soares Franco family residence until 1974. With its particularly beautiful façade and gardens, it has always been associated with the image of José Maria da Fonseca.

The visit to the Museum House begins with a brief explanation of the company’s history, followed by a tour of the ancient wine cellars: Adega da Mata and Adega dos Teares Novos, where wines such as Periquita mature, and Adega dos Teares Velhos, where the oldest Setúbal Muscatels (Muscatels or Moscateis) rest, some of which are true relics over 100 years old. At the end of the tour, the visitor can sample some of the wines produced by José Maria da Fonseca.

When you visit our Wine Shop, you’ll be spoilt for choice for that special occasion and you can complement the wine with regional gourmet products.

"Clean and Safe" certification by Turismo de Portugal

Limit to a maximum of 10 people in Azeitão and 20 in Reguengos de Monsaraz the groups of visitors who are led by each guide, unless they belong to the same family. If there is a need to receive a larger group, José Maria da Fonseca will try, through an extra guide or spatial/temporal lag of the groups, to find a solution for the request of clients;
Ensure the maximum occupancy per m2 recommended by the General Directorate of Health, if they are activities developed in enclosed spaces;
Take advantage, whenever possible, of the magnificent outdoor spaces for the realization of the services, in particular for wine tastings, avoiding the agglomeration of people indoors;
Ensure the maintenance of the social safety gap between participants in the activities, according to the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health;
The distribution of information, within the scope of the activity, preferably in support of digital/online;
Compliance with internal hygiene and safety protocols by partners involved in the activities;
Keep special attention to welcoming the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly;
Identify vulnerable people and apply the legislation regarding priority care; 1 Maximum limits imposed by the Government in the third phase of deflation. Metropolitan Area of Lisbon 10 people and the rest of the national territory 20 people.
Ensure that there is always a collaborator at the service responsible for triggering the procedures in case of suspected infection (accompany the person with symptoms to the isolation space, provide it with the necessary assistance and contact the national health service);
In the case of the use of microphones, headphones, audio guides, which are used by employees or customers will be sanitized before and after their use.

Wine tasting
Comply with the rules and procedures of Food Safety, Cleaning, and Hygiene, before and after the tastings;
Encourage good hygiene practices by visitors during the tastings;
Use individual harmonizations in order to minimize the sharing of materials;
Provide a protective bag for placing the mask when the customer is on the tasting table.
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