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Adega da Vermelha

Founded in 1963, by a group of winemakers in the region, the Adega Cooperativa da Vermelha is located in Vermelha, Cadaval and inserted in the Lisbon Wine Region.

Since its foundation, the Adega da Vermelha has been concerned with innovating and improving the quality of its wines.

With several brands in the market, we highlight as a reference the brand "Mundus", leader in Portugal in what concerns to Vinho Leve, exclusive denomination of the wines from Lisbon. And the recent brand Adega da Vermelha (AV) that has been standing out and winning several awards, a more sophisticated type of wine with national and international recognition.

By visiting the Adega da Vermelha you will learn about its history and installations, and you will get to know the process of production, storage and aging in barrels of its wines.

At the end of the visit, you will participate in a wine tasting, held in the wine store showroom.

Discover, among the paths of the West, the Adega da Vermelha.
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