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Quinta de Covela

On the sinuous terraces of a natural amphitheatre perched high above the right bank of the Douro river, Quinta de Covela has - for at least five centuries now - straddled the rugged terrain where two of Portugal's best-known wine-producing regions now meet. Downstream, rugged granite marks the landscape of the Vinho Verde region. Upriver, the hot, slate-layered earth is what gives Port wine its heart and soul.

With panoramic views over the river, the Covela estate covers 45 hectares, of which 18 are planted with vineyards that also mark the frontier between two typical villages of the lower Douro - São Tomé de Covelas and Santa Cruz do Douro, both recognized for their natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

At the end of the 1980s Quinta de Covela was acquired by businessman Nuno Araújo who invested heavily in the estate's vines and wines, and created the brand Covela. Over the next years, the wines gained a reputation nationally and internationally with their modern labels and distinct blends.

Finally, in 2007, with the classification as a biodynamic producer, Covela cemented its place among the vanguard of winemakers in Portugal.

In 2011 Quinta de Covela, which had been abandoned due to the 2008 crisis, was acquired by Marcelo Lima, (Brazilian) and Tony Smith (British). Passionate about the region and confident in the potential of Portuguese wines, the two partners rebuilt Covela and created, in a few years, a company producing quality wines with Portuguese roots but with a strong capacity for internationalization, the Lima & Smith.

Oenology had a line of continuity with the 'old' Covela, since Rui Cunha remained in charge as technical manager.

Currently Lima & Smith, owner of Quinta de Covela and the Tecedeiras wine brand, stands out as one of the most dynamic wine projects in Portugal.
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