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Quinta da Lagoalva

The estate Quinta da Lagoalva is part of a region of unique natural beauty extended in the south bank of the river Tagus. It is located approximately 2kms from the town of Alpiarça and 11km from the city of Santarém.

In 1834, Quinta da Lagoalva was bought by Henrique Teixeira de Sampayo, the first Earl of Póvoa. In 1841-42 the land was inherited by his daughter Maria Luisa Noronha de Sampaio, who married Domingos António Maria Pedro de Souza e Holstein, the second Duke of Palmela. As such, in 1846 the estate entered into the house of Palmela.

Since then and throughout generations these lands have been in the Palmela family and nowadays belong to the company Sociedade Agrícola Quinta da Lagoalva de Cima, S.A.
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