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Quinta do Tedo

Quinta do Tedo has a Single Quinta classification, the Portuguese equivalent of a Single Estate, Domaine or Azienda. Our 100% estate-grown organic grapes come from our 37 acres of class "A" vineyards, the highest rating from the Portuguese Instituto do Vinhos do Douro e Porto, comparable to France's Grand Cru.

Less than 2% of Douro Valley appellation's rough 100,000 acres are class "A". This rating is subject to soil make-up, vineyard exposure, grape variety, vine spacing and altitude, to list only a couple of the 24 criteria considered.

The Quinta is located at the confluence of the Douro and Tedo rivers. Large, carved granite feitoria stones mark the landscape like sentries. These were placed by the Marquis de Pombal during the original Douro appellation demarcation in 1756.

Historically, only wine coming from the feitoria demarcation area, was considered to be the finest quality, and received authorization for export.
Today, Quinta do Tedo's "A" classification and location within the feitoria limits prove its great potential as a Single Quinta label.

The legend of Tedo

It all started in the early XI century when the Douro Valley was still under the heathen Moorish rule of King Alboacem.

Brothers Don Tedo and Rausendo were the illegitimate descendants of King Ramiro II of Leão. They were strong and fierce caudilhos (warriors) and the first Christians in this infidel land. They helped build the first church in the area, in the Tavora Valley, using trees of the Sousa.

The conflict between the Christians and the Moors was long engraved in the history of the Douro region. Hoping to come to some kind of truce, Don Tedo went to visit King Alboacem in his palace in nearby Lamego. Unarmed, Don Tedo was immediately imprisoned.

The King had a beautiful daughter (they always do), Ardinia. Upon laying eyes on this most dashing Christian warrior, you guessed it, Ardinia fell in love with Don Tedo. Ardinia, the “Princess in Shining Armor”, helped her beloved Don Tedo escape.

Furious upon realizing Don Tedo was gone, yet blindly unaware of his daughter’s disloyalty, King Alboacem swore revenge against whoever had helped his prisoner escape. The princess fled and her irma de Leite (sister raised from the same breast) fled the palace after Don Tedo. En route, they encountered an old monk named Gelasio who baptized them.

Smart Ardinia had arranged a meeting place with Don Tedo. They finally reunited along the banks of the Tavora River. But out of nowhere, King Alboacem appeared. He was furious to learn of his daughter’s betrayal and, seeking revenge, he killed Ardinia with a lance to the chest. Don Tedo was left to mourn alone. He buried Ardinia’s body in the mosteiro de San Pedro das Aguias that he built himself and swore he would never marry another. Don Tedo became depressed and lived the life of a recluse.

King Alboacem, on the other hand, could not surrender his fury. He led his troops in search of Don Tedo whom he eventually found and killed in battle. His blood flowed into a small stream that was later dubbed the “Tedo River”. Legend has it, the river’s water is of unique medicinal value. These waters give nutrients, hydration and life to Quinta do Tedo’s natural ecosystem.

*This fascinating story was translated years ago and may not be 100% credible.
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